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Detroit Private Air Cargo Flights - Aargus Air Charter Oakland County Airport - Pontiac, MI
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Aargus Air can provide last minute, time critical shipments from Detoit / Pontiac's Oakland Airport, or any other airport in South Michigan from Detroit to Muskegon. Your customer will be impressed with your ablity to get thier production processes back in full opertaion or, with a little foresight on their part and your assistance, prevent a shutdown. We frequently take cargo from the Detroit and Grands Rapids areas to destinations in Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, or any other state your customer may be in.

To get your shipment to it's destination in the least time possible, please follow these steps;

1. Ensure that you have the precise weight and number of boxes identified. We will have much more flexiblity with regard to aircraft and cost if the cargo is not palletized. If it does exist on a pallet, we prefer that you break it down into individual boxes, not weighing more than 75 lbs, each for easier handling and loading on and off the aircraft. While we can handle cargo on a pallet, we have only one aircraft that could accept a pallet, reducing greatly the odds of avilablity.

2. Call Aargus Air at 616-956-7600 to get a quote on the flight. Please provide the cargo information, required delivery time, desired departure time, and destination in your initial request. We will get back to you very shortly with cost and availability.

3. While we can hire a trucking company to pick your cargo up and bring it to the airport, it is much faster and cheaper to have someone from your company do this on the departure end and the customer's end, if they are able to pick it up. Again, we can usually make those arrangements, but it adds time and cost to the operation. If this is not possible at either end, we will find a way to assist. We will provide you with specific information on the location of the departure airport and where to bring the cargo, along with a road map.

4. With regard to billing, we will take a credit card and AUTHORIZE ONLY the amount (HOLD, not charge). On completion of the flight, we will send you an invoice to be paid withing 10 days, at which point the HOLD on the card is released. If we do not receive payment within 10 days, the card is charged with processing fees added. In such a case, we would attempt to call you first.



Aircraft Type
Max Load
Turbojet 2000 lbs 500 mph
Turbo Prop 1400 lbs 265 mph
Piston (various sizes) 700-1000 lbs 210 mph
Please note , that in each case, bulk has to be considered

Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Lansing, Detroit, Ann Arbor

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