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"I'm an attorney serving clients in various cities in the Midwest and I appreciate the great value in private jet rentals. Occasionally a trip for a deposition might take us 4 or 5 hours (each way) to drive, or perhaps much longer on a commercial airline due to making connections or "bad fit" scheduling. Private charter gets us there in an hour or two, exactly when we want to arrive, returnING as soon as OUR business has been completed. This saves us time and our clients' money."
John V.L.
Major Law Firm
Grand Rapids, MI

"We're a metals manufacturer based in Lansing, MI. Sometimes we have client a few hundred miles away with quality control emergency and we can reliably get a team to their site in a few hours by using Aargus's services. Needless to say, the client is always impressed at our response time, which goes a long way towards getting future orders."
Savin J.K.
Metals Stamping Company
Lansing, MI

"My wife and I are in our 80s but still travel. Aargus Air arranges to get us to Mackinaw Island where we have a second home in 90 minutes. How convenient! We have other family in the Chicago area and Aargus gets us down and back. Pricing is good and we rely on their experience in making us feel safe and comfortable in the air."
Reggie T.
Muskegon, MI

"As a local travel agent, I can offer our corporate travel clients flexibility in schedules, and often times significant cost savings by using air charter. Leaving and returning at precise times of their own choosing is very advantageous to some of our customers."
Kathy D.
Local Travel Agency
Grand Rapids, MI

"I've been using Aargus's service for about 10 years. They have been of great benefit to my company and it's travel needs and has allowed us to service our customers better. We will continue to use this service for the the cost and time savings. We have found that when we need to get a group to a customer site quickly, we can count on Aargus Air Charter. One of the best private air charter companies we've ever used!"
Paul J.
Local Manufacturing Company
Walker, MI

"We needed to get to a customer site fast. Their assembly line was down and only a tech from our company could repair the machine. From the time of notification to the machine being back online was 3 hours and 20 minutes! We traveled 200 miles to do it using Aargus Air."
Brodrick Y.
Paw-Paw, MI

"A client of ours assembly line was down in Tennessee because they ran out of a particular part that we sell them, and it was costing them approximately $15,000 per hour to be down. Using Aargus Charter, we had 2000 of those parts to them within 4 hours. Aargus Air is one of the best air charter companies we'eve ever used.
Terrell C. Jr.

charter flights
Ionia, MI

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Charter Flight Testimonials

When our airline flight cancelled, we were stuck. We called Aargus Air and they arranged to get us to our father's funeral in Kentucky on time. Cali & Brett Y..

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