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The Benefits of Private Plane Charters




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A single passenger traveling from Grand Rapids, MI on a private jet flights to Chicago's O'Hare Field on a charter flight might spend $500 to $1100 on an airline round trip ticket purchased less than 7 days in advance. If two or more persons are traveling, the air charter cost would of course the multiple of the single passenger airfare.


Private airplane flights can fly this party (of 3 people for this example) in a light twin-engine aircraft to Chicago for around $2000, round-trip (includes 6 hours on the ground). Landing fees NOT included). The savings become evident when at least 3 passengers are traveling and even greater if more travelers are considered. Regardless of whether there is one passenger or four, the cost would be the same: $2000. This example of a charter flight yields a break even point when compared to airfare with the airlines with these three travelers, but the tremendous convenience remains even at 1. This formlua applies equally well to most regional destinations. There are, however, many reasons other than cost to choose private air travel. Click here for a free quote


By using
jet rentals, you are riding with only those persons in your group. This eliminates many types of potential security problems that corporate executives may find concerning. Special equipment and other items that you may not be able to carry or do not feel comfortable checking through airline baggage can travel securely with you on an private charter flight. A jet rental also eliminates all of the uncomfortable and inconvenient processes of the commercial airports. Commercial flights require additional time involving airline preflight processes as well as security screenings that involve waiting in long lines, removing your coat and shoes, going through x-rays and pat-downs, and bumping elbows with strangers. The experience is often very tiring, unpleasant and stressful. Private air charters allow travelers to board at their convenience while still maintaining high standards of safety through the vastly simplified TSA 12/5 Program. No more lines, long delays or hassles. Just get in, and takeoff! You can also rest assured that Aargus Air makes sure that all flight crew, pilots, attendants and ground personnel are experienced, certified and follow the highest standards. When on a private jet charter, passengers can conduct business on a laptop or conference call, etc., without having to worry about who might be looking over their shoulder or listening in. In addition, there are various amenities the airlines cannot offer that create a relaxing environment conducive to your comfort, allowing you to focus on your important tasks... save time, hire a jet |   Learn More ...


A private jet rental flight departs when you choose to. Business travelers especially appreciate the ability to get there exactly when they need to and leave when they are ready. There are no airline schedules to keep track of and no last flights out to miss. Very often an overnight business trip can be turned into a day trip, eliminating the costs of hotel rooms, meals, rental cars, and time away from home. We operate from Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Lansing, Detroit, and Ann Arbor, as well as almost any other airport on Southern Michigan. Hire a jet.

Additionally, when on a trip, you can alter your schedule and stopping points on the fly as your business dictates. Stop in that special client's city on your way home from a more distant destination, killing two birds with one stone.     Learn More ...


Although some of our aircraft are slower than commercial jet airliners, on a regional flight, our point-to-point time en route can be shorter. When our passengers arrive at the airport for a private jet charters flight, the charter flight generally leaves immediately. No ticket lines, no baggage check-in, no waiting to board and no push-back.

In the example above under the heading "about charter costs", the Grand Rapids to Chicago trip would have our hypothetical passengers halfway there by the time a commercial airliner requested takeoff clearance from the tower. It cannot be said that a passenger would never experience an unexpected delay on an air charter, as we are subject to the same air traffic and weather issues as an airline, but they do not face many of the other delay factors that commercial airlines are subject to. The approximate time the party would take from arrival at Grand Rapids Airport to exiting the airport in Chicago would probably be well-over two hours on a commercial airline. A charter can do it in one. For the business traveler this could mean a shorter day because getting there quicker also means coming home quicker, The time saved becomes even more significant when compared with a destination that on a commercial airline flight may require a connection through another city. Our aircraft options include planes that travel at the speed of a commercial airliner, and lesser aircraft that are more cost effective and practical for shorter, regional flights.  Learn More ...


The large size of today's commercial jet aircraft preclude them from landing at 80% of the airports in the USA. Many of these fine smaller airports are located in the same small towns that are the final destination of many travelers. Charter flights Michigan     Learn More ...


Occasionally, you may need to get out of town for a family gathering or perhaps due to a medical emergency of a loved one, or a funeral. If you charter a plane with us, we can help with these missions in a way that the airlines or driving cannot. We will normally be able to get you to a distant location in much less time than an airline or by driving your car.     Learn More ...


Traveling by private charter enables traveling employees to arrive at their destination fresher than they might otherwise be after having gone through the multiple phase airline procedures involved in even a nonstop airline flight. Also, the charter aircraft experience also "puts you in the sky" much more vividly than an airliner.     Learn More ...

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