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Aargus Air Charter reccomends Uber as a ground transportion alternative to renting a car or using, taxi cabs. In certain larger cities, Ube based in California has a nationwide network of private ground transportation service providers. They operate much like a taxi, picking you up and dropping you off wherever yo need to go, but the vehicles are owned by private individuals. There is a vetting process that ensures the provider has a safe vehicle and driving credentials. A good driving record and clean criminal history are also part of the vetting process.

Your credit card on file with Uber is charged for your rides and no cash is given to the driver, other than tipping.

Benefits of Using Uber;

a. Generally, Uber will arrive at the pickup point much faster than a taxi.

b. Vehicles are generally better maintained and vary in make and model.

c. Drivers are usually more freindly and accomadating that taxi drivers.

d. Uber rides usually cost about half that of a taxi cab.

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Aargus Air provides private air charter service from the Kalamazoo - Battle Creek Airport or the Kellog Airport in Battle Creek. Kalamazoo is a mid-size Michigan City that hosts a number of large, medium, and businesses. We will pick you up at the Kalamazoo Airport (or Battle Creek if that's more convenient) and take you to your destination. Air charter has never been easier. Should you need a car we will have one waiting at the desintation airport. Alternatively, a taxi can be in position on your arrival.

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Major Industries and Commercial Activity

Kalamazoo is located close to the automobile manufacturing center of Detroit, Michigan, and has automotive components companies and plastics firms that make automotive testing equipment and hydraulic systems. Eaton Corporation's North American truck component headquarters and Checker Motors are also based in the city.

Kalamazoo's diversified economic base also includes companies involved in the production of pharmaceutical and medical products, cereals, grain processing, paper products, and various financial services.

Downtown Kalamazoo is the site of Pfizer's main offices, manufacturing facilities, and research labs following its buyout of the local company, Pharmacia & Upjohn Company (whose existance in the local community dates back more than a hundred years), which has helped the local economy grow and propser. Kalamazoo, once a significant paper producing area, has had it's importance in this field has greatly diminished. There are however, several paper manufacturing firms, such as the James River Corporation, who continue to manufacture paper inthe area.

Kalamzooo is home to Western Michigan University, which employs nearly 3,000 people and also makes a significant contribution to the it's economy. One of Kalamazoo County's fastest growing employers is the National City Bank, now PNC Bank. Countless farms in the area produce hay and corn, fruit, as and other food crops.

Some items and goods that are produced are fruit, peppermint, flowering plants, and other agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, paper and paper related products, various metal products, machinery, and guitars.


Kalamazoo has many fine restaraunts and other interesting attractions.

Four Star Restaraunts as Rated by restaraunts.com

Comensoli's Italian Bistro and Bar - Five Stars

Pueblo Mexican Restaurant - Five Stars

Saffron - Indian Cusine - Four Stars

Other Ineresting Attractions

Kalamazoo Air Zoo

Golf Courses

Other things to do in Kalamazoo, MI



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