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Most private air charters involve eight or less people, usually business executives going on day trips or private individuals traveling for personal reasons or on vacation. There are times when a company or other type of organization has a large number of people that need to travel from one city to another and back for a vacation, business convention, or other type of event. Depending on how many people are traveling, it may be worth considering using a private air chater for the group. We can offer aircraft that hold up to 16, 30, 50, and can even offer of aircraft that can hold a couple of hundred. To be honest, a group charter will always be a bit more expensive than a given number of airline tickets, but the benefits are many;

> Almost no risk of cancellation or delays that are common on airlines.

> Your group gets there in a less restrictive environment, able to communicate and move around the cabin as needed.

> Refreshments and meals can be customized to your needs.

> Departure and return dates and times are designated by you. If you stay a little longer, it's usually not a problem. We're not leaving without you.

> Ground transportation can be arranged to expeditiously to pick you up from the arrival airport and bags can be delivered to the hotel, eliminating the need for bag claim. Often passengers can deplane and get right on a planeside bus.

> Aircraft can be chartered for groups of any size.

> There are dedicated check-in areas for your group.

> Fly directly to the final destination airport without connections and the risk of delay, or cancellation

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