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Traveling internationally, especially beyond the North American continent, can be very frustrating involing many waits, needing to show up two hours prior to flight time, dealing with customs on both ends... all of these things can be very tiring and expose you many potential points of delay. Traveling Intertnationaly on a private air charter avoids most of these issues. You will still have customs on both ends, but in most cases the customs agent will be waiting for you personally at each end and there should be little or no waiting. You will be ablt to fill out your forms enroute so the do not need to be done on arrival. What might take you 4-5 hours, in addition to the length of the commerical flight, might take you only the flight time plus 30 minutes using private air charter. Admittedly it's a much costlier way to go, but at the corporate level, or if being utilized by wealthy individuals, it can be a relaxing, enjoyable trip instead of a test of your patience.


Aircarft configured for international travel often have full beds or reclining seats that lie flat for comfortable sleeping. If traveling with a number of business associates, the longer flight time, they can use that time to get a lot of work done enroute. Many of the aircraft types that we provide will have Internet, fax machines, phone service, copy machines and more, basically all the tools you need to keep on doing business while traveling. The entertainment systems are very broad, offering movies, music, games and there are even screens placed at strategic points within the passenger cabin that display a moving map of your aircraft's position overlaying a map of the ground (or ocean) as the case may be.   


We do not have an international fleet ourselves, but have a large network of international providers that we can arrange your trip through. Through this network, we will ensure that you will get the best aircraft for the mission, dispatched from the closest airport to your desire departure location at the best possible cost. It is a commissionable event, but our commission is very small in relation to the total cost of the trip. We have in our database, information on the best service providers in the country. In many cases, a provider 500 miles away from you can deliver a lower cost and better service at a lower cost, than one in your own home town. We know who they are.

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