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Aargus can asset you in the process of acquiring an aircraft, be it a light twin , a business jet, or anything in-between. Our 40 years of experience in the aviation industry enable us to provide you with the experience and knowledge with regarding to all the resources needed for purchase, acquisition, and on going management, should you require it. In a business or personal context, we can provide the crew needed to fly the aircraft, included storage, maintenance and other related services that are involved.

Aircraft search (new or pre-owned)
Purchase Process (negotiation processes and documentation)
Acquisition (getting the aircraft to the airport you choose)
Crew (provide pilot(s) to fly the aircraft, should you need us to)
Management (storage and maintenance of aircraft)
Sales )if you are selling an aircraft, we can asset you with that too)


The purchase itself process goes somewhat like this;

1. Determining which aircraft is right of you, considering how often you will using the aircraft, how many persons you would like it to carry, average length of mission, your flight experience level in flying the aircraft, if that is your intention, and of course budget. All these factors are determined before setting out to find the plane that best fits your needs.

2. We go to market and locate potential candidates for purchase. Once located, we'll take the top 2 or 3 candidates, acquire the maintenance logs from the owners' and carefully review them before going any further. Should the logbooks pass muster, step 3 occurs.

3. Travel to the aircraft, wherever it is located, talk with the seller. We would bring a qualified mechanic along to thoroughly inspect the aircraft prior to committing to purchase.

4. On mechanics approval, we will take the aircraft for a test flight to examine all its systems in the air. There or many aircraft systems that cannot be properly tested on the ground when the aircraft is not running. Avionics, radios, etc. and other flight functional items are best tested when airborne.

5. If the aircraft gets past all these challenges, we will close with the seller for an agreed upon price, transfer the title, activate the insurance, then fly the aircraft home.

We prefer that you are present at the final inspection at the seller's location, but it is not mandatory as long as the commutation is in place for the required signatures and approvals.

We are committed to making your aircraft purchase as smooth as possible and getting you into the plane at the best possible cost.


We will arrange to store and maintain your aircraft at the airport most convenient to you. Whoever you need to fly somewhere, let us know with as much notice as possible and we will have a pilot or pilots viable to fly your trip. Should your trip be an overnight(s), your pilot will either stay at your destination until you are ready to return, or drop you off and return to pick you up when you are ready. This usually depends on the length of time that you plan to stay.

As your aircraft needs maintenance, either repairs or inspections, we will have this done at an FAA approved repair facility after which all proper entries will be made in the aircraft's logbooks, which is an ongoing record of all maintenance procedures done to an aircraft since new delivery.

We will periodically, send you an accounting summary of all expediters and payment made. Payments for services can usually be arranged in a manner that best suits your needs. Learn More


By using private charter, you are riding with only those persons in your group. This eliminates many types of potential security problems that corporate executives may find of concern. Special equipment and other items that you may not be able to carry or feel comfortable checking through airline baggage can travel securely with you on an private charter flight.     Learn More...


A charter flight departs when you choose to. Business travelers especially appreciate the ability to get there exactly when they need to and leave when they are ready. No airline schedules to keep track of and no last flights out to miss. Very often an overnight business trip can be turned into a day trip, eliminating the costs of hotel rooms, meals, rental cars, and time away from home.     Learn More...


Although some of our aircraft are slower than a commercial jet airliner, on a regional flight, our point to point time en route can be shorter. When our passengers arrive at the airport for a charter flight, charter flights generally leave immediately. No ticket lines, no baggage check-in, no waiting to board and push-back.     Learn More...


The large size of today's commercial jet aircraft preclude them from landing at 80% of the airports in the USA. Many of these fine smaller airports are located in the same small towns that are the final destination of many travelers.     Learn More...


Occasionally it may occur that someone needs to get to another town for a family gathering, perhaps a medical emergency of a loved one, or a funeral. We can help with these missions in a way that the airlines or driving cannot. We will normally be able to get you to a distant location in much less time than an airline or by driving.     Learn More...


Traveling by private charter enables traveling employees to arrive at their destination fresher than they might otherwise be after having gone through the multiple phase airline procedures involved in even a single segment airline flight. The charter aircraft experience also "puts you in the sky" much more vividly that an airliner. <    Learn More...

aircraft sales

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When our airline flight cancelled, we were stuck. We called Aargus Air and they arranged to get us to our father's funeral in Kentucky on time. Cali & Brett Y..


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